Researcher Spotlights

Meet the researchers and staff behind the Molecule Maker Institute!

March 2024 Featured Researchers

Nolan Green

Trainee Spotlight: Nolan Green

Nolan Green is a 4th year PhD candidate in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department. Originally from originally from Erie, PA, he graduated in 2020 from Wake Forest University and is currently working in Dr. Marty Burke’s lab developing a small molecule mimic of hemoglobin. He also works with MMLI’s Thrust 5 to implement AI/ML and automated organic synthesis into the undergraduate curriculum at UIUC.  [Click above to read more!]

Faculty Spotlight: Ganesh Silvaraman

Ganesh Sivaraman recently joined MMLI as a Research Assistant Professor after working at Argonne National Laboratory as part of the Argonne Leadership Computing Data Science Program. His focus at MMLI is bringing together the best of AI and the chemical sciences. [Click above to read more!]


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