MMLI Fellowship Program

MMLI has built up a high-profile reputation as an ecosystem that fosters science at the integration of AI and Chemistry, and there are many people that are looking for a way to join our community in some formalized way to gain support and guidance for their projects, including some externally funded research that lies at this fruitful interface.  The MMLI Fellowship Program creates an opportunity to formalize these collaborations.

How it works

  1. Potential collaboration is identified by MMLI or an outside researcher contacts MMLI requesting a fellowship.
  2. Fellowship Request form is submitted to and review by MMLI Leadership by the collaborating researcher and MMLI Sponsor.
  3. Approved Fellowship requests result in a fellowship agreement being executed.
  4. MMLI Sponsor manages the Fellow relationship for MMLI-related activities, including, welcoming them into our ecosystem to empower them to pursue research at the interface of AI and Chemistry.
  5. The MMLI Fellow and MMLI Sponsor submit an annual MMLI Fellowship Outcome report to MMLI leadership.

Monetary Commitment

The MMLI’s monetary commitment is limited to funding travel to one of the MMLI primary partner institutions (i.e. UIUC, PSU, RIT) once a year. This trip is expected to coincide with a scheduled MMLI event (e.g. annual retreat, symposium, etc.) to maximize the impact of the fellowship collaboration. Additional funding (e.g. stipend) may be offered to a Fellow in special circumstances, at the Director’s discretion.

Benefits to MMLI

  1. Broadens impact of AI benefits in the related research
  2. Broadens collaborations: Adds MMLI collaboration with other federally funded awards
  3. Interdisciplinary: Increases MMLI’s interdisciplinary work
  4. Likely increase MMLI diversity in multiple areas (ethnicity, gender, scientific field, federal funding agencies, collaborating universities)

Benefits to MMLI Fellow

  1. Access to MMLI Faculty, staff, projects, methods, tools, etc.
  2. Increased understanding of how AI benefits research
  3. Increased paths to advance research
  4. Potential future funded collaborations with MMLI

Expected outcomes of MMLI Fellows Program

  1. Broadened access of MMLI ecosystem to new fields and uses with direct tangible societal results
  2. Potential structure for MMLI sustainability (partnering with PIs that are funded by federal agencies)
  3. Sparks for new MMLI collaborations, new institutional partners, new ideas for future projects, and new potential MMLI members
  4. Strengthened engagements with Industrial Partners (designating participating employees as MMLI fellows)

Interested? Questions? Contact the MMLI Managing Director, Ron Payne, at