Digital Molecule Maker

Learn how to build new molecules and functions – which may help solve the world’s problems – using Lego-like virtual molecular blocks with our Digital Molecule Maker.

Watch this teaser to learn how the Digital Molecule Maker works:

Resourced with an ever-growing library of molecular blocks and their properties, the Digital Molecule Maker allows you to interactively design thousands of molecules, and helps you explore how molecules form – Which ones will stick together? Which ones will fall apart? How are structures of different molecules are related to their functions? The chemical possibilities are endless!

The Digital Molecule Maker is connected to semi-automatic chemical synthesis assembly (aka molecule-making robots) in a world-class lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. If you are a professional molecule maker or a participant in MMLI partner classroom or after-school program, you will get an opportunity to access our robots and lab space, and possibly have the robots synthesize your own creation – the molecule you designed using the Digital Molecule Maker.

There are two different versions of the Digital Molecule Maker – one to support the specific needs of learners and educators (DMM Learn), and one that has been designed to help chemistry researchers with their work (DMM Pro).

The Digital Molecule Maker for learners and educators can be used alongside our MMLI in a Box to teach chemistry and introductory concepts in artificial intelligence to participants of any age and background.

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