Digital Molecule Maker

The MMLI is revolutionizing the way chemistry is taught and capturing the imagination of a new generation of molecule makers. We are catalyzing this revolution by building on our already established momentum of engagement with high school science teachers and students through several mechanisms. Below is our initial teaser video!

We encourage K-12 students and educators to explore the Digital Molecule Maker, which will launch in Fall 2022. In this free, interactive platform, you can explore an ever-growing digital library of molecules to form your very own molecular creation!

With beautiful colors and intuitive design, molecule making is easy. Use the Digital Molecule Maker to learn more about the ways molecules form — which ones will stick together and which ones will break apart? The chemical possibilities are endless!

The Digital Molecule Maker works in conjunction with the Molecule Maker Lab in a Box to teach chemistry education at any level. The Digital Molecule Maker is currently focused on education but will soon have a secondary interface made just for chemistry professionals. This will offer more advanced features than the educational interface.

We look forward to putting the power of MMLI into your hands, a future molecular innovator!