Digital Molecule Maker

What does it mean to democratize chemistry and AI? At the molecule maker lab, our mission is to bring the world of molecule making to YOU!

Molecules hold the key to unlocking innovative solutions that redefine what’s possible – the chemistry behind molecule making might involve years of training, but the Digital Molecule Maker uses lego chemistry and a function first approach to allow manipulation of molecules without any training at all! Simply connect a “beginning”, “middle” and “end” piece to create a molecule of your own. Our interface will guide you to understand your creation so that you can iterate and create new molecules with new targets in mind!

The digital molecule maker currently serves as an educational platform to allow students to explore the world of color. Students are provided with an introduction to light absorption and color, then tasked with the goal of creating specific colors to help create a rainbow as a class!

Print your molecule!

The Digital Molecule Maker is connected to semi-automatic chemical synthesis assembly (aka molecule-making robots) in a world-class lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. If you are a professional molecule maker or a participant in MMLI partner classroom or after-school program, you will get an opportunity to access our robots and lab space, and possibly have the robots synthesize your own creation – the molecule you designed using the Digital Molecule Maker.

Try it out!

Select a “beginning”, “middle” and “end” block to create your molecule. Blocks will suggest their effects on function to help create something close to your goal.

Use molecule “lego blocks” to create your own molecule!

Use this interface to supplement our MMLI in a box curriculum, a field trip to the Molecule Maker Lab, or in your own curriculum or activity! The prototype can be accessed here, but fun new changes are coming soon!

Coming Soon:

  • Instantaneous feedback corresponding to molecule function.
  • Integration into the Molecule Maker Lab in a Box.
  • Digital resources: color block flashcards available to print and use in your classroom alongside the DMM or on its own!
  • Group work support.

Interested? Contact us here.