Molecule Maker Lab in a Box

The MMLI in a Box is literally a miniature molecule making lab brought to you in a colorful box!

MMLI in a Box transforms all the powers of a real lab into carefully crafted low-tech material, and highly intuitive, engaging hands-on and role-play activities inspired by the latest NGSS guidelines and human centered design. These materials and activities empower teachers to help their students think and explore science like MMLI researchers as they enter the awe-inspiring world of molecules, artificial intelligence (AI), and AI-powered molecule making while taking agency of their own learning.

MMLI in a box is launching its local pilots this Fall in preparation to send out early adopter boxes in Spring 2023. Educators who are able to use our early adopter boxes in their classrooms in the Spring or Fall will be provided with a stipend to provide feedback about their MMLI in a box experience. In addition, all changes or additions added to new editions of the MMLI in a box will be made available to all box recipients (think free expansion packs/DLCs!)


Mission 1: Sustainability Box

MMLI in a Box will be launching as specific “mission” boxes that convey MMLI research tools as a way to empower students to solve a world problem. Box 1 will address sustainability problem as students learn about light absorption and the tools to identify new molecules to make solar cells with the same exploration techniques solar cell scientists use in the lab. After learning the tools from these activities, extension activities can help student take agency of the problem and work on exploring new solutions!