MMLi in a Box

Starting in late 2022, the MMLI will deliver “MMLI in a Box” to classrooms across the U.S., including communities with students traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. These colorful boxes packed with engaging educational materials will empower high school science teachers to expose their students to the wonder of molecule making. The MMLI will also send a colorful macroscopic 3D printed space-filling model of their designed molecule they can hold in their hands, and a cool T-shirt proudly announcing, “I am a Molecule Maker”!

The MMLI is training a new workforce of educators, scientists, engineers and practitioners with advanced chemical synthesis and AI skills. For university-level students and educators, there will be many opportunities to engage with MMLI.

Everything you need to change the world!

The development story of MMLi in a Box goes back two years, starting with our conversations with chemists. We wanted to know the most difficult part of their chemical education. We received a range of answers; organic chemistry, analytic chemistry, physical chemistry, and most of all, hands-on learning. So many of the scientists we talked to told horror stories of fiddling with old physical molecular models while studying for an early morning exam. The teachers said the same thing

The professors we interviewed envisioned a world where chemistry isn’t a science guarded by textbooks and ivory towers but is explored by learners of all ages. They knew that the secret to unlocking the potential molecule makers in each of their students was to embody the learning.

Scientists at work!

The MMLi in a box puts the chemistry in the hands of students and helps them understand reactions at an intuitive level. Coupled with the Digital Molecule Maker, students can learn how a molecule is made and see it come to life before their eyes!

With the help of our scientists, students can learn processes like a KNN analysis, a coupling reaction, and a unique experiment where students predict the color of a molecule and then create it!

Coming soon, you can explore the MMLI Educational YouTube channel to access short videos on a wide range of topics –from introductory videos about MMLI’s research to lectures on advanced chemistry and computer science topics. Watch our trailer for MMLi in a Box below!