Intro to Chemistry & Automation

Welcome to the world of Molecules!

  • Witnessing molecule making in the Molecule Maker Lab.
  • Demonstration: Semi-automated molecule making rigs/robots/assembly in MML via the Digital Molecule Maker
  • Activity: Programming robots to deliver chemicals to make a chemical reaction happen – making “elephant toothpaste” (robotics analogy to automated chemical synthesis)

Parallels to MMLI Research:

All four MMLI research thrusts coincide with the topics covered in this lesson. Students learn about the importance and necessity of molecular innovation and how automation tools can speed up the process. Automation, is specifically linked to Thrust 1, which focuses on streamlining the process of making new molecules using AI. Students may get a chance to visit the Democratizing Chemistry Lab (AKA the Molecule Maker Lab) at the Beckman Institute and see where graduate students and post-docs complete their research while also getting a chance to submit their own molecule creation through the Digital Molecule Maker and watch the molecule begin to be made!