Magic Milk and Engimatic Enzymes

Enzymes speed up and make reactions more efficient but can we figure out what a specific enzyme does?

  • Students are introduced to the world of enzymes, as well as some tools scientists use to make observations. 
  • Students are provided with an enzyme and materials to watch the enzyme do its job. Students are provided with possible parameters they can explore to better understand the enzyme.
  • Extension – students can challenge the enzyme’s efficiency by changing the enzymes conditions. Can we figure out the conditions where the enzyme works at its best?

Parallels to MMLI Research:

Thrust 1 works on using AI and machine learning to better understand enzyme functions and dynamics. Researchers Ocean Cui and Tanner Dean are working on understanding the enzyme hal


MMLI Science Experts/Lesson Contributors

Students at Imagine STEM Saturdays perform a series of tests to identify the role of the enzyme, lipase.