Escape Room: Lab 217

The MMLI Escape room is a labor of love between students in THEA 591: Designing Immersive Experiences and INFO 418: Makerspace – Escape Rooms at the University of Illinois. Course students took the Molecule Maker Lab on as stakeholders for the semester immersing themselves in the world of MMLI researchers, bringing researchers in to test puzzles, and ultimately creating Lab 217.

Lab 217 is currently on display at the Beckman Open House for public participation. After Beckman Open House, MMLI is looking for a permenant home to host Lab 217 and allow interested community members to book experiences by request.

If you are interested in participating in or have suggestions for the new home of Lab 217, e-mail Sabrina at

About the escape room

Once upon a time, Lab 217 was a functional lab housing a team of enthusiastic scientists. Unfortunately, the team of scientists were unable to get along, arguing instead of getting anything done. With the emergence of AI, lab leaders removed humans out of the equation to replace them with an all AI research team. Looks like that didn’t go well either…

The year is now 2323, and you have been tasked with breaking into Lab 217 and restoring the lab into a functional space to continue their research. Can you learn from the original team’s mistakes, or will you face a similar fate?

Creating the escape room

The science behind the escape room