Research Ethics

The MMLI is committed to ensuring that all students and scholars associated with the Institute receive instruction and training in the ethics of artificial intelligence as well as in the responsible conduct of research (RCR). The former will be accomplished using a multi-pronged approach that includes classroom and online instructions, augmented with discussions with peers and senior colleagues such that institute members and affiliates at different stages and levels can all benefit. The plan for training in RCR includes traditional training as well as on ethical issues resulting from new methods for the analysis of ‘big data’, such as privacy issues, compliance with HIPAA, FERPA regulations and the like. We will require all scholars associated with the institute to receive RCR training covering the following topics: research conduct, plagiarism, fabrication and data falsification, data management, collaborative research, mentor-mentee relationships, peer review, authorship, conflict of interest, intellectual property, and information security.