Current Partners

Looking to take advantage of opportunities provided through MMLI’s industry partner program? Learn more about upcoming and ongoing opportunities, or reach out to with your suggestions.

As an NSF funded AI institute housed between UIUC, PSU, and RIT, MMLI serves as a nexus for collaborations with top researchers in the fields of molecule discovery and artificial intelligence. Opportunities such as symposiums, retreats, and quarterly meetings (for Partner level partners) serve as networking opportunities to learn more about how MMLI can help you and your company. When you are ready to formally engage in a collaboration with a member of MMLI, contact Sabrina ( or Ron (

Our contacts from each of our industry partners are subscribed to monthly newsletters from MMLI. Anyone who is not receiving information can contact to add their contact information to the mailing list. Industry partners are welcome to exchange contacts at any point in time, and can reach out to or
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In addition to MMLI initiated opportunities for networking and engagement with MMLI trainees, we offer year round options for additional engagement with our students and post docs.

  • Visit UIUC as an Industry Representative Speaker for the MMLI Student council. 
  • Lead workshops: 
    • Teach MMLI trainees about specific techniques, skills, professional development skills, or anything else.  
  • Participating in a mentorship program: 
    • With enough interest, MMLI is interested in helping coordinate a industry/trainee mentorship program. Industry representatives are paired up with MMLI trainees, meet 1-2 times a semester or more if desired to build a personal relationship with students.  
  • Hosting company tours/”field trips”: 
    • Does your company offer field trips or tours? We can arrange a trip for interested MMLI trainees to visit and see what it is like on the Industry side of research.