Seed Grant Awardees

The Molecule Maker Lab Institute is pleased to announce the four 2022 MMLI Seed Grant Awardees! The MMLI anticipates that these new projects will contribute new fundamental insights and innovation at the interface of AI and chemistry.

  • Martin Burke – Advancing Automated Csp3 Cross-Coupling Chemistry to Access Pharmaceutically Relevant Building Blocks
  • Yunan Luo – Learning Enzyme-Reaction Specificity with Deep Generative Models for Biocatalysis, Retrosynthesis, and Enzyme Engineering
  • Antonia Statt – Artificial Intelligence and Automated Synthesis for Autonomous Optimization of Biodegradable and Sustainable Polymers
  • Yang Yang – Machine Learning-Aided Enzyme Engineering for Stereoselective New-to-Nature Radical Biocatalysis

We thank our industry partners for making this program possible, and we look forward to welcoming the awardees into the MMLI community.