The Molecule Maker Lab Institute (MMLI) is an interdisciplinary initiative with leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and biological and chemical synthesis intensively collaborating to create frontier AI tools, dynamic open access databases, and fast and broadly accessible small molecule manufacturing and discovery platforms. Advanced AI and machine learning (ML) methods enable the MMLI to achieve AI-enabled synthesis planning, catalyst development, molecule manufacturing, and molecule discovery.

Integrating broad, deep knowledge and expertise in AI/ML, chemical and biological catalysis, automated synthesizers, and education and outreach, the MMLI is an open ecosystem of disruptive thinking, education, and community engagement powered by state-of-the-art molecular design, synthesis, and spectroscopic characterization technologies – all interfaced with a modern cyberinfrastructure. The MMLI will accelerate, advance, and democratize molecular innovation; powerfully enable more efficient manufacturing and discovery of molecules with important functions; drive the advanced development of a wide range of frontier AI methods; and broaden access to the small molecule making process. As a first-of-its-kind addition to the nation’s research infrastructure, MMLI is a powerful component to the research community.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the MMLI

Creating a diverse and inclusive Institute is central to the mission and vision of the MMLI. Each person brings a unique and valuable perspective, expertise, and experience. Diverse talent is an asset to enhance creativity and innovation, allowing for more effective and impactful research and education. We believe that all who wish to be part of the MMLI community should have equal opportunity to, including students, educators, researchers, and members of the broader community, regardless of (1) race, ethnicity, or national origin; (2) religious or spiritual practice; (3) sex, gender identity and expression; (4) sexual orientation; (5) disability or perceived disability; and (6) age.

To this end, the MMLI seeks to create and sustain a culture of inclusion within the MMLI and broaden participation through educational and outreach activities to increase the STEM pipeline. The MMLI will continue to identify opportunities to work with collaborators and partners to ensure the Institute is a diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

National Science Foundation Support

The Molecule Maker Lab Institute is an AI Institute for Molecular Discovery, Synthesis Strategy, and Manufacturing supported by the National Science Foundation.