Summer Camps

In the summer of 2023, high school teachers and students from across the U.S. will also be invited to spend a week at a Molecule Maker Camp at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. During this immersive experience, participants will spend each day learning about MMLI. The week will also be packed with a wide range of fun and exciting molecule making-related educational activities, including building “MEGA-molecules” with super-sized Lego kits, 3D printing space-filling models of the polythiophenes they have designed, and performing molecular role-playing skits.

Students will get to attend “The Smallest World” talks by experts that present to non-specialists in a highly accessible format the essence of human-centered molecular design, synthesis, and testing. We will also have many fun group activities designed to foster a molecular innovation ecosystem and encourage the participants to return to their local communities as “Ambassadors to the Molecular World” (armed with the website for how their classrooms can access MMLI in a Box kits!).

Students and instructors tackle big problems in a presentation

The Siebel Center for Design, one of our educational partners, has a great history of summer camps for high school students. Previous topics include Design Thinking, Engineering & Design, and Youth Leadership Development.

These camps, typically about a week long, see students get a feel for the college experience by staying in the dorms, eating at the dining halls, and interacting with University of Illinois faculty. These are great experiences that help students orient themselves and learn more about how bright their future can be.

Some of the Siebel Center for Design staff who helped out at the Design Thinking Summer Camp

The material at our summer camps is taught by our excellent teachers, scientists, designers, engineers, from The University of Illinois and our educational partners.