MMLi in Your Classroom

Starting in Spring 2023, we will begin the next phase of our educational ideas: testing them out! The MMLi in Your Classroom program will see schools across Illinois getting the first taste of ground-breaking molecular making.

MMLi in the Classroom equips high school teachers with the resources to make chemistry and Artificial Intelligence (AI) more accessible in the classroom. Using AI-powered scientific tools, students will learn chemical reactions and innovate new molecules that will solve today’s problems!

Through these engagements, students and teachers alike will receive training on the Digital Molecule Maker, MMLi in a Box, and all the other services that MML offers. Our dedicated team of scientists and teachers is working hard to make sure our curriculum reaches all types of students.

The best part is that you will not be alone! We plan to have a cohort of 10 schools for our testing phase. You will receive amazing benefits from your membership in this program, such as access to all of our one-of-a-kind training videos.

Are you interesting in joining our inaugural MMLi in Your Classroom program? Please fill out the form below! Tell us why you’re interested and we will get back to you soon!