MMLI Curriculum Pilot Programs

Incorporate the principles of chemistry and artificial intelligence into your after school program or classroom!

Building onto the goal of MMLI in a Box, MMLI researchers and science education experts teamed up to develop a more in-depth curriculum that builds on MMLI-related topics to promote an enthusiasm of scientific principles in K-12 students.

Starting in February 2023, the first iteration of the MMLI curriculum was implemented in an after-school program with one of our educational partners, The Well Experience, and the second iteration was run during Imagine STEM Saturdays. You can see more details about all 5 sessions on our resources page. We will be running refined versions during Imagine STEM sessions in Fall 2023 [Registration link coming soon] – contact us to host these activities in your after school program! Two of these lessons – elements from automation and DIY solar cells – have been packaged into our first MMLI in a Box as part of a Sustainability theme. Learn more here!

We are in the process of adapting the curriculum to fit Illinois NGSS standards – if you are someone with a curriculum planning background, check out our job postings to apply for the MMLI Curriculum Expert position and help make this happen! If you are a teacher or school administrative interested in working with MMLI to pilot this program in your classroom, contact us at

MMLI @ The Well Experience