MMLI Curriculum Pilot Programs

Incorporate the principles of chemistry and artificial intelligence into your after school program or classroom!

Building onto the goal of MMLI in a Box, MMLI researchers and science education experts teamed up to develop a more in-depth curriculum that builds on MMLI-related topics to promote an enthusiasm of scientific principles in K-12 students.

Starting in February 2023, the first iteration of the MMLI curriculum was implemented in an after-school program with one of our educational partners, The Well Experience, and will soon run its second iteration with high school students from DREAAM.

We are in the process of adapting the curriculum to fit Illinois NGSS standards – if you are someone with a curriculum planning background, check out our job postings to apply for the MMLI Curriculum Expert position and help make this happen! If you are a teacher or school administrative interested in working with MMLI to pilot this program in your classroom, contact us at

MMLI @ The Well Experience