Edwards, C., Wang, Q., Zhao, L., Ji, H. (2024). L+M-24: Building a Dataset for Language+ Molecules. Accepted paper of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2024). Preprint:


Language-molecule models have emerged as an exciting direction for molecular discovery and understanding. However, training these models is challenging due to the scarcity of molecule-language pair datasets. At this point, datasets have been released which are 1) small and scraped from existing databases, 2) large but noisy and constructed by performing entity linking on the scientific literature, and 3) built by converting property prediction datasets to natural language using templates. In this document, we detail the L+M-24 dataset, which has been created for the Language + Molecules Workshop shared task at ACL 2024. In particular, L+M-24 is designed to focus on three key benefits of natural language in molecule design: compositionality, functionality, and abstraction.


This repository contains information on the creation, evaluation, and benchmark models for the L+M-24 Dataset: