AI Empowered Chemistry: A Playbook

An introduction to the power of artificial intelligence in chemistry research for chemists, by chemists.


About the course

Are you a professional in the field of chemistry research and industry seeking to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionize your work? Join our Certificate Program in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Chemistry to explore the cutting-edge intersection of these technologies with chemistry.

This comprehensive micro credential program is designed for chemists, researchers, and professionals eager to unlock the potential of AI and ML in their work. Our curriculum combines theoretical knowledge with case studies from renowned professors at the Molecule Maker Lab Institute, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and those with some background in AI and ML.

Ten weeks of engaging discussion + material comes together in this playbook of how to incorporate AI in chemistry research.

Cost: $15 Free!
Duration: 10 weeks

By end of this course:


AI Confidence

Find inspiration and build confidence to incorporate artificial intelligence into your everyday life.


Be Inspired

Explore case studies featuring chemistry researchers who have mastered the application of AI and ML in their own research.


Build your AI/Chemistry network

Connect, gain knowledge from, and engage in discussions with renowned researchers in the fields of AI and chemistry associated with MMLI, as well as your cohort of participants.

Who should attend?

  • Chemists and researchers in academia and industry.
  • Professionals in pharmaceuticals, materials science, and chemical engineering.
  • Anyone interested in exploring AI and ML applications in chemistry (or in their research).

Prepare to harness the power of AI and ML to accelerate your chemistry research and innovation.

Certificate Requirements

Attend 10 live or recorded sessions

Complete session polls to earn credit

You’re done! Share your achievements on LinkedIn or other digital interfaces!

Course Curriculum

Unfamiliar with AI? Familiar with the tools but unsure about how to implement it in your own work? A total pro? No matter, our 2 weeks of introductory material will help get your feet off the ground and in the mindset of AI for chemistry.

Closed Loop Optimization & Chemical knowledge in AI

Coming soon!

Enzyme function prediction using contrastive learning

Coming soon!

Closed-Loop Transfer Enables AI to Yield Chemical Knowledge of Organic Photovolatics

coming soon!

Translation between Molecules and Natural Language

Coming soon!

Chematic retrosynthesis

Coming Soon!

Chemoinformatically Guided Discovery of Catalysts

coming soon!

Coming soon!

Wrap up the certificate with an opportunity for discussion with your faculty instructors who are happy to answer any questions you have or explore scenarios. Learn about how MMLI is implementing AI in their educational curriculum to democratize chemistry.